Sunday, October 30, 2011

[FR] 10/29/11 - Halloween Weekend

Went out last night with some BAS'ers and had a blast.  We all piled into one car and drove up to San Francisco.  The bars were PACKED and the streets were overflowing.

Beginning Getting into state.

We walk into the usual spot and the place is already packed.  Just people everywhere.  I'm a little out of it, so I just sort of wade in.  I walk to the back, get a drink, then start walking towards the front again.  I say "fuck AA," and open a cute flapper.  The set goes well, but I feel like she's tolerating me more than just talking to me.  We're role playing a little bit about how we're going to Charleston together and about the secret password to get into this prohibition bar.  I don't escalate though, and eventually she's off to find her friends.  Lesson 1: Escalate.

Next set of note are some girls dressed as KISS.  They've got the whole group and at least three of them are hot.  I'm talking to the cutest one.  She's got some red wine she pulls out of her purse.  We're vibing a bit and she's telling me about all the costumes.  These girls are a little wild and in their own reality, so eventually I just let them go.

The Middle On opening sets.

We head back to the original bar and it is a shitstorm.  Eventually find IMKumarYo.  Haven't seen him in a bit, so we're chatting.  In the corner of my eye, I see a hot girl who opened me as I walked in the bar so I go and reopen her.  She's not that receptive to me, so I talk to her cute friend.  She's dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, so I give her some shit for it.  The whole night I would make awful guesses on the most obvious costumes.  It was a blast.  While I'm talking to Alice, these guys apparently keep trying to blow me out.  I think one said "nice try," but I wasn't getting out of state and paying them no attention.  Kumar comes over and regulates like a boss.  He's pissed and it's great to see him step up.  I leave the set because the logistics are fucking horrid.

So I'm walking away and Kumar, asshole that he is, throws me into a set.  Two girls are walking by and he does the "sunshine of my life" opener.  One of the girls wanders off, but the other stays to talk to me.  I give her shit for her non-cosutme and she's eating it up saying she's "anti-Halloween."  I mess with her a bit, but it's not going anywhere, so I let her float away.

Head outside and I'm just chilling when I see an HB9 dressed as Daisy Duke.  No way I'm gonna let her get away.  I go straight up and say, "Daisy Duke?  I just had to come over here and talk to you.  I have to admit, I'm a bit turned on right now."  Lol, everything went better than expected.  We're vibing, but I don't really know how to escalate.  We're on the street and she's surrounded by her friends.  I try to bounce her inside, but it's not working.  Eventually I turn my back on the set and out comes Kumar and fucking introduces me to Daisy Duke's friend who I am now in set with.  She's a cutey and we're vibing, but it feels disingenuous to escalate with her after telling her friend how fucking cute I thought she was.  So they eventually disappear.

The End

It's towards the end of the night and we're all opening sets left and right.  There's this HB9 in a purple top (no costume) who is fucking smoking hot, so I go talk to her.  I think some guy was trying to chat her up, but I just come barging in.  I open with "I love your costume."  Then I tell her to put a hand over her eye, which she does.  I put a horn on top of her head and tell her she's a One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater.  LOL.  She's loving it.  We're vibing.  For some reason though, the guy who I stole the set from WILL NOT LEAVE.  Even though she's clearly into me, he's just standing there.  I probably should've just pulled her elsewhere.  Lesson 2 When in doubt, go for the bounce.

Tons more sets, but I'll skip to the good stuff now.  We're walking to the car, opening sets as we go.  Me and another sedditor get too far ahead of the group, so we walk back.  On the way back I see the mother-fucking Khaleesi, dragons and all.  So I fucking open her.  I point at her.  "Khaleesi."  "YES!" she says, and she's obviously happy I recognized her costume.  She was with a guy, but at one point he splits and she stays.  Lesson 3 Never assume the girl is with the guy.  Open her anyway.

Sets going real well.  I tell her we should "get coffee sometime and talk about Game of Thrones."  LOL, I swear sometimes the stupidest stuff works.  She says "Maybe."  So I say, "Ima take out my phone and put your name in.   By the time I'm done, you decide."  "That's fair," she says.  I take out my phone and put her name in (which I got earlier).  Then I hand it to her and say, "here."  She puts her number in.  I talk a little bit more (I never like leaving straight after the #close) and say goodbye.  She's still standing there, so I kiss her on the cheek.  She seems receptive to that and sort of moved her lips so that they were close to mine.  So I kiss her.  Boom, makeout.

So that was my night.  Thanks to the guys from BAS for helping to make it happen and for being master openers.  We'll do it again soon.

Final Takeaway Sometimes you just have to go for it.  Keep at it my dudes, and sarge well.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/22/11 FR

Went out to the city dressed like a boss.  Picture Don Draper.  Before I even get to the venue, I'm opened by a twoset.  "I like your hat, can my friend try it on?"  I walk over and place my hat on the cute friend.  I'm talking to these girls for a bit, but fail to escalate.  The convo isn't really going anywhere, so I eject.

Get to the venue and see two people outside whom I don't know, but know are at the same party.  Open them and introduce myself.  Head into the club.  The party is upstairs, so I get a drink downstairs to collect myself.  I go upstairs and there's some crazy shit going on with a stripper pole.  I walk through the crowd because I want no part of it.  I go to a table that has cookies and eat them.  There are some interestingly carved pumpkins.  I take pictures of them.  I then walk around a little bit, lost because I don't know anyone (with a little AA).  I open a guy standing alone.  I eject before I get into a too-long conversation.  I open someone else.  While talking to him a girl comes over (she's pretty cute).  I talk to the girl for a bit.  She has some major cleavage.  I say, "sorry, it's hard to talk to you in that dress."  She blushes.  I take my hankerchief out of my pocket and cover her cleavage.  "Much better," I say.  This girl introduces me to some people.  One of these people knows another girl who comes over.  This girl invites us to a new venue spot.  We bounce.

At the venue spot, this new girl tells me to order her a water.  She gives me shit.  Comes back for her water and I tell her I forgot.  I then get the water, take a sip and bring it to her saying, "I checked it for poison."  Thinking back I should have taken it to her then just taken a big sip i/f/o her before handing it off.  I'm talking to people later and she tries to but in so I ignore her.  I think this scores me points.

I bounce to the original venue where party is still going strong.  I see a girl outside and talk to her for a minute.  She heads in first, then I head in.  This one girl is giving me eyes, but I'm talking to someone and still not confident enough to capitalize.  She later opens me and is really cool to talk to, but I blow it some how and eject.  I find the girl from outside and say, "let's go smoke."  She complies and takes two of her friends with her.  I ISO her outside and we're talking.  I don't ramp up kino like I should and don't make an obvious number close.  She bounces and I return inside where there are two other aPUAs.  I tell them I want to bounce and they agree, so I drive us all to the new spot.

At the new spot, I open this girl and she hooks right away.  She loves my hat.  Wants to try it on.  Tries to take it and I say "ah, ah, ah," and put it on her.  "It's sweaty," she says.  I say, "yup."  Talk to her for a bit.  "Why are you so happy?" I say.  "Because I'm drunk," she says.  Talk to her some more and my wing comes over.  Leave them to it and go to bar.  Come back and my wing is still in set so I reopen.  There is a really hot girl there so I start talking to her.  As I'm talking to her, the original girl from the group puts my hat on this new girl.  We're talking and she's vibing.  I don't kino escalate (sticking point found), but she is giving me really good bl and keeps sending off her friends who come to get her.  I go for the number close but she's hesitant and says she'll take mine.  I give her mine phone and tell her to put her name in.  She does.  I tell her to put her number in and she says she'll text me.  Oh well, fail.

Go outside.  Some girl opens me with a whacky opinion opener.  I talk to her friend.  Get her number.  At some point I was talking about her boobs and how nice they were.  We're going out Friday.

Pros: Social proof, talking to everyone, peacocking works.

Cons: need more physical game

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Being Opened and IOIs

I've noticed lately that I've been getting opened a lot more than I used to.  Either that or I am just better at noticing when girls are hitting on me.  A couple of observations.

1.  Assume Attraction/ Everything is an IOI.  Girls are very socially calibrated people.  Tenfold moreso than guys.  They've had tons of practice actually talking to people growing up and in high school, while we were obsessing over girls, playing video games, or what have you.  What all this means is that a girl very rarely makes an unpremeditated move.  Where she stands in a club, where she sits, where at the bar she goes to get a drink, who she talks to, it's all a dance that the girl has been practicing her whole life.  Her two main goals are to: 1) remain safe and 2) have fun.  A "good girl" will also want to make sure her friends are having a good time.

What does all this mean?  It means if a girl asks you for the time, it's because she's chosen you.  If a girl walks RIGHT BY YOU and rubs up against you, it's an IOI.  If a girl asks you something (about a drink, about the street, about an event), you better believe she wants to talk to you.  OPEN HER!

There are many sorts of IOIs, and the best way to calibrate correctly to get and know these IOIs is practice.  But here are a few: You look at a girl across the room, smile.  She does not look away; you're talking to a girl and holding your ground.  She does not walk away; a girl starts talking to you "out of the blue;"  a girl who you've never talked to before asks you for something..

Now, just because you've received an IOI doesn't mean your job is done.  You've got to use what you know and not fuck it up.  My current sticking point is not taking the opener and running with it.  This past weekend I've had at least five girls open me.  I didn't kiss or fuck any of them and I only ended up with one number.  I can do better.  However, the more I am opened, the better I will become at gauging the situation.

What are your experiences with being opened?  How has it changed your perspective?

Sets is not just girls

When I write about opening "sets," what I mean is talking to people.  I say, "talk to everyone" a lot, but people rarely know what I mean.  I literally mean "talk to everyone."

You're not going to get better at this if you don't like talking to people.  When I go out with guys, they are so intent at talking to girls that they totally forget about their social game.  What sets us apart from every other AFC trying to hit on girls is that we're talking to everyone: the life of the party.  We're talking to the doorman going into the club, and flirting with the bartender.  We're asking the guy in the bathroom how his night is going and leaving him a tip.  We're talking to the person next to us at the bar ("Hey.  Is this bartender taking forever?").  We talk to the group of old ladies, and the hotties who just walked in.  This is game.

Here's an example.  At a concert the other night, I was talking to this guy.  He seemed like just a normal guy, trying to enjoy the show.  He was eyeballing every girl that passed.  Eventually, a cute blonde chick comes up to me and asks me for a cigarette.  Now I never let that go.  I give her shit.  I'm ALWAYS giving girls shit (it's part of the persona.  1 - it shows you're cool to be around, 2 - you can't give a fuck.  You're talking to so many girls, you mine as well make it fun).  This girl's digging it.  She starts qualifying herself HARD.  At one point her friend comes over, but I ISO the chick and eventually her friend leaves.  I was a little tipsy and nothing came out of it.  After she leaves, I tell the guy to my left, "Well, that's about all I had in me tonight."  He goes, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!"

It's no secret.  Talk to everyone.  Be the life of the party.  Let your confidence show and be prepared for when girls open you.  I am still learning how to handle girls opening me.  It's relatively new to me, but I'm pretty sure I'll get there.

Keep at it, playas.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remember the Basics

I haven't been going out as frequently as I used to.  In which case, I should focus on the basics.  Always remember to go back to your core values and get yourself into the state you need to be.  Meditate if you need to.  Just remember the basics.  Read over Orleans' 11 Points.  Whatever you need.

Look.  You're not going to feel Alpha, like a PUA, a Don Juan 100% of the time.  It's just not going to happen.  But don't use that as an excuse.  Make yourself better.

Currently, I am much better at number closing than I was just two months ago.  I now need to begin thinking about focusing on different goals, such as k-closes and f-closes.

Short-term goal is gaming without alcohol.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm trying to be more honest with my game, as I am in life.  I don't want to "game" women per se, rather I want to come from a place of strength.  Like working out, if your core strength is solid, all the other exercises get easier.

I did not go out last night.  I was tired and needed a night of rest.  And I'm ok with this.  Funny thing happened though.  The nurse from last Friday in the South Bay texted me and asked me what I was up to.  I told her I was planning on sleeping, but she was welcome to join me.  Her response: "At a you want to join me?"

This was an example of a time I should have just said nothing.  But I overthought it and fired off, "what bar?"  I was planning on not going either way, but she never responded.

C'est la vie.  Lesson learned.  I have an abundance mentality and I am a high value male.  If she wants to hang out again, she will text me.  Otherwise, maybe I will text her.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pre-Game, Some Random Thoughts

About to go out tonight and I wanted to get some thoughts down.

Currently I am working on upping my physical escalation game.  I feel as though I've had great sets the past two weeks and really could have gone for kiss-closes but didn't.  I am doing great at opening sets, building rapport, disarming obstacles and making groups out of strangers.  What I need to work on is physical escalation and isolation.

Another thing I've been going over in my head is eliminating or at least seriously reducing alcohol from my game. It's expensive, makes you more tired in the morning, and can really put a hamper on your game later on in the night.

I don't really feel like going out tonight, but I am going to force myself to anyway.

I've been getting great eye-contact on the streets lately.  I don't know if it's because of my inner game, because I've been working out, because of my posture, or all of the above.  But I can smile at women and get them to smile back almost 100% of the time.  Now I really need to start opening them....

I've been working out a lot lately, but I've also gotten lazy with some other aspects of my life.  I really need to find the balance where I can work on my game, do well at my job, have a strong social circle, and also get all the shit done that I need to do.  This will probably come in time, but I may need to take a breather from the game in order to coordinate it all.

I've got a birthday coming up and I"m planning logistics for that.  I've made some contacts with women in the past month and have girls who, although I may not have slept with, that I am in contact with via text.  I also have a friend in town from out-of-country.  It will be good to see her if it happens.

All-in-all I feel like I am improving, but have plateau'd again.  I just have to keep pushing on and getting better every day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/7/11 FR

Met up with a few BAS guys about 11p on Friday night.  Brought out a female friend who promised to wing.

First set:  Started the night talking to the bartender who I had met the previous night.  Social proof.  Also, at the first bar someone had put their foot through the window, so this was conversation material all night (got the story from the bouncer.  Social proof x2).  A girl with crutches sits next to me.  Talk about how it must be tough to walk around a bar with those.  Talk about feelings of going stir crazy, sitting at home.  I ask her to dance (lol).  It's my warmup set.

Sets Two through Six:  We bounce to more of a club-type atmosphere.  There's a girl at the front ordering a drink.  I tease her a bit and ask her what she'd do if I got a drink first.  She says punch me.  I tease her for quite a bit and there's definite attraction there.  I tell her about the bar in the back.  She makes a move to go, but I hesitate so she stays.  I bounce a couple minutes later and tell her I'll "do this" (cheesy smile) if I get my drink before her.

Bounce to bar in back where I know bartender.  Get drink quickly.  Probably talk to girls.  One of my favorite bar openers is, "I'm not stealing your spot, just trying to get a drink."  Then I open.  I go to the bathroom after my drink and see the girl from above.  I raise my drink and smile.  She laughs.

Bounce outside.  Opening sets like mad.  Open a fourset of grenades.  I hook into the group.  I know I hook because I tell the stupidest joke in the world and the girl laughs.  Here's the joke:  "Why did the posh chicken cross the road?  To get to the $10,000 of course!"  Lol, it was that bad.  I bounce out of the set and into another.

I ask these two girls for a light (they're talking to a guy).  One girl says "no."  I look at her incredulously.  The other says, "I have one."  Pulls it out of her cleavage.  I give her shit.  I give the other girl shit for being a bitch.  Now I'm giving them both shit.  I'm rocking back and forth and the guy who was talking to them bounces.  I hook into the set and keep throwing in FTCs.  The girl with the lighter says it's her b-day week.  I don't believe her (I NEVER believe them).  She pulls out her ID from her cleavage.  MAN, do I give her shit for that.  We talk about what else is hidden down there.  Would've been a great time to start kino.  Eventually the girls bounce.  I give them a recommendation of the right bartender to get drinks from.  When I see them later they are grateful.  Turned a lost set (guy trying to pick them up, bitch shields WAY up), into a semi-success.

Sitting, I see a cute girl.  I tell one of the BAS'ers to open her.  He says, "not my type."  I go in.  It's a mixed set.  I open with "You girls look so cool and like you're having so much fun, I just had to come over and talk to you."  I'm in.  While talking to them, come to find out the girl who I thought was really cute has a boyfriend (who tried to blow me out but whom I then befriended.).  I talk to them for a bit about #occupywallstreet, then bounce because neither of the other options were that attractive.  One interesting thing about this set is that I was kinoing one girl on the shoulder and she goes, "you keep touching me on the shoulder."  I go, "yup."

Last set of the venue, one of my wings was in a threeset.  I go in to wing.  They're talking sign language.  I know two things, "I hate you" and "I love you."  I show one girl.  I think she makes a smart-ass remark while I'm showing her, so I show her "I hate you first."  It gets a laugh.  We start talking about sign cusses.  This gets into a convo about Italian cusses.  I teach this one girl a few.  They bounce but the girl I teach keeps bringing her friends to me.  This one girl she brings gives me the DDB eyes.  We talk and like an idiot, I do not escalate.  She's ready to be kissed but I don't.  We get to talking about her name and we make it a game like Rumplestilskin.  I say, "If I get it right, you have to go home with me.  If not," I don't remember what the if not was.  She agrees and we are haggling over the rules of the game (she proposes three guesses, I say five.  She says I've already taken two), when her friend comes and swoops her away.  I don't number close because all we had was mere attraction.  I should've fucking kissed her.  We venue bounce.

Set Seven: Last set of the night was most successful.  I open the first set I see of two hot, amazonian women and one dude.  I get them laughing.  They like me.  The dude wings me to hook me up with one of the girls (I got the impression he was dating the other one).  I keep going back to this set throughout the night and eventually the HB Amazon isolates herself for me and we go into rapport.  I number close when I should have kiss closed.  Must remember to kiss close more.  For more in depth account of this set, check out the 100sets link to the right.

Takeaway:  ESCALATE ESCALATE ESCALATE.  Friend of mine recently returned from an RSD mini-boot.  He says that they teach that you should k-close within the first twenty minutes.  I should be constantly escalating so that I get to this point.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Solo FR -- In Depth

This is going to be long.  I'll try to split it up by lessons/takeaways.

Lesson 1 -- Your state is unaffected by those things outside of your control

Was supposed to go to a concert last night.  I go out to my car, and I have a flat tire.  All the way flat.  Didn't notice until I started driving towards the show.  I make a detour to the nearest gas station and attempt to put air in.  I have a hole.  I drive it back home and get a jack (took me a while to find one) and tire iron.  I attempt to remove the lug nuts.  No go.  Fuck.  By now it's already an hour past when I should have left, and it would be at least another hour to get help to fix the tire, so I say "fuck it" and head out.

Lesson 2 -- You are the party.

As I'm headed downtown, I remember that there is a zombie crawl tonight.  I look up the info on my smart phone and see that the next bar they are hitting is my local drinking establishment.  I also have a girl friend visiting from out of town, so I text her and make tentative plans to see her later.

I get to the bar and there are a couple of zombies in there.  I know the people who work here, so I say hello to them and build up some value.  I get my drink and head outside.  It took me a while to get into state.  I had some AA going on.  I'm standing out there and I saw a threeset as soon as I went out there.  I noticed they weren't dressed as zombies.  I had my opener.  Just took me five minutes or more to open them.  But I do.  They seem like they're all moms and they hook right away.  They love me.  One is applying heavy kino to me.  We're talking.  They finish they're cigarettes, but I am still in conversation with one of them so they wait for me to finish before leaving.  They say they're going dancing and that I should come.  I never feel comfortable following girls to the dance floor so I say I'll see them later.  I count to ten and head inside.  I drop my drink off and head to the atm.

Lesson 3 -- Join the Party

I reenter the bar after hitting the atm.  While in line there are people taking payments for the zombie crawl.  I'm talking with them because I talk to everybody.  They rope me into giving a $3 donation so I can get a wrist band and a piece of green tape that says I'm infected/part of the group.  This piece of tape was actually amazing because 1. it allowed me to look like I knew the group/what was going on and 2. it was a great conversation starter.

I get in.  First set I see is two girls dancing.  They look good.  I say, "You guys are infected."  One goes, "huh? oh yeah."  I say, "Well, I don't want what you have, so stay away."  Then one of them bites me.  On the neck.  It was sexy.  Why didn't I kiss her?

Open a girl who gives a drink to a guy.  He flips her off.  I say, "You two must be great friends."  She says, "Who is that guy."  We laugh and talk.

Outside there is a fire-juggler.  I go out and watch him.  I text my friend to meet me.

Lesson 4 -- Sometimes the Best Game is Simply Being Prepared to be Lucky

Go inside.  A girl stands next to me to take a picture of her group.  I say, "You should get in."  She says, "no."  I persist.  She eventually does and the pic comes out great.  When she comes back to get her camera, she kinos me.  It's on.  I reopen her.  We talk about stuff.  She's cute.  I'm liking her.  My friend comes in at this point and stands there awkardly.  I say hello to her and give her a hug.  We'll call her "Cheryl."  The gal I'm talking to says her name is Cheryl too.  She takes out her ID to prove it.  I make fun of her.  My friend leaves.  i talk to Cheryl more.  It's time for me to leave.  I tell Cheryl I'll see her at the next bar.

I chase my friend, grab her, and we move on to the next bar.  It's a gay bar.  It's fine, lots of cute girls.  Find out, my friend is a terrible wing women.  I go outside to smoke.  Some threeset (one girl) is signing along to backstreet boys.  I say, "you guys should form a band."  The girl says they should make videos.  I agree and say I'd watch it.  "I might not give you guys a thumbs up, but I'd watch."  Then I tell the girl that she looks like a planner and needs to make it happen.  I high-five her and move inside to find my friend.  We make our way to the exit and I send her on her way while I hit the next bar.

Lesson 5 -- Talk to Everybody

On my way to the other bar, I talk to everybody.  I'm passing a place and hear music.  I go in for a drink to listen to the music.  By the time I get my drink the music is over.  I harass a band a little bit about that and get along well.  Go outside.  See a girl I met last weekend and was talking with about herpes (lol).  She's all right, but her friend's hot.  Unfortunately, her friend's hanging off of some guy.  I get her number and go to the next bar.

There's a line for this one.  While waiting in line I talk to everyone.  The guys behind me ask me to take a picture of them.  I do.  I take three.  Last one was fantastic.  A girl photobombed, though.  I make fun of her for that.  Then she's taking a picture, so I photobomb that.  Then I'm talking to the two girls in front of me.  One asks for a light or something.  I tell them I'm going to take a picture with them.  I do.  Somehow I get to talking to the girl in the picture.  We get to talking about her breasts.  She says they're her best feature and are all real.  I touch them.  She doesn't mind and keeps talking about them.  I cup them.  I tell her she has great tits.  She says her nipples are even better.  God, why wasn't I fucking this girl?  Why aren't I fucking her right now?

Eventually I get in the bar.  After some rigormoroll, I find myself in the back.  It's either hang by myself or open a set.  I open a seated threeset in the corner (two girls).  I say, "You guys look cool, so I'm just gonna hang with you."  They're passing around a blunt.  It goes to me and I puff.  The guy is giving me major DHVs. The girl to my left tells me to take a seat.  I tell them I'll brb.  I go to the bathroom and see a line.  Coming back in, I see a guy standing by himself.  He's all down on himself, so I tell him to get the fuck over it and talk to people.  I psyche him up a little and go back to the table.  I take a seat and sit down.  I say, "well, I'm back."  I talk to them for a bit until it's time to go.

I'm literally on my way out the door when I see Cheryl from earlier.  She's in a group of three guys.  I open all the guys like I know them.  I actually thought they were sedditors.  The girl bounces me outside.  We're iso'd. I kino escalate.  I'm digging her, she's digging me.  At this point I'm stoned and a little drunk.  I keep her attention, but eventually she goes to the bathroom with friends.  Rather than wait around, I just go home.

All in all a good - great night.  I would've liked to have kissed the girl who bit my neck, made out with the girl whose tits I grabbed and gotten Cheryl's number.  But hey, I'm learning.  And thinking about last night, I'm making progress.

Keep at it, playa.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Couple of Sets from Saturday

1.  Open a fourset.  I open the cutest girl of the group.  Find out she's Colombian.  They are all Colombian, except for the one who seems to be the leader.  I talk to her for a bit because her English is the best.  I keep going back to the Colombian girl to get her talking.  I guess I could've escalated better.  Eventually, the set is dragged off by a friend who's found a table in the back.  I awkwardly eject instead of giving them a chance to invite me.

2.  Outside, some chick comes by and asks for a cigarette.  Her tits are fantastic.  She has the thinnest cigarette ever so I ask her if she's a 40 y/o mother of three.  She gets offended.  I say, "the only reason I can joke with you about that is because you're 23."  She hooks right away.  She says she just turned 30.  I say, "Me too!" and high five.  It's going well and we're talking, but when I say, "where are your girls?," she runs away to find them.  Whoops.

3.  Talk to a seated twoset.  Doesn't get very far.  One girl says "check you later!" with the gun motion from Dazed and Confused.  I want to reference but can't remember what I want to say.  Tell her I'll be back when I remember.  Remember and go back saying to her, "all right, all right, all right."

4.  Talk to twoset at the bar.  REALLY hard to break into.  Focus on the blonde who seems most open, but really want to talk to brunette.  Eventually brunette opens up.  Says she's moving to NY.  I ask where and she says lower east side.  I ask if she's rich.  She says, "No, but my fiance....well, not actually my fiancee."  I make fun of her mercilessly for this.  We talk a bit about NYC, but it's a weird set.  The blonde doesn't seem that interested, and I am really interested in the brunette, but if she's moving in with a guy, I couldn't do that.  So I talk for a bit more and eject.

5.  Head over to the 100 sets link for this number close.

6.  There's a booth open at McTeague's.  See two girls racing to it.  I race to it.  Make it look like I was heading there.  Give them some shit.  They invite me to sit.  I oblige.  We talk some.  I run out of steam or something (tends to happen a bunch, not sure if it's my own mental block or what) and eject out of the booth.

7.  Another fun one.  Talking to some people about the back patio of this one place.  They say there's a place to sit back there and the guy goes, "Shit, maybe I shouldn't have told you."  The girl splits to start going back there and I say, "OOOoooooh.  I'm getting there first."  I start chasing her.  She moves quicker.  In the dining room I say, "EXCUSE ME!" and attempt to pass her, but she's faster.  When we get back there she finds two open tables and says, "I guess we're all going to have to hang out together now," or something similar.  We talk a bit.  She was a fun/hot girl in a group full of guys.  Always a bit awkward/intimidating.

8.  Last bar of the night.  Bartender asks me what I want.  I tell her to make me her best drink.  She says, "that's a lot of pressure."  I say, "I like vodka."  She makes something with Absolut Citron and Drambouie.  Says it tastes like rainbow shirbert.  Holy shit it does.

Monday, October 3, 2011

11 Points

I've been listening to old episodes of the pickup podcast (which is gold, by the way. Do yourself and a favor and listen to them. ALL of them) and heard one that interviewed Orleans of Vin DiCarlo's program (link). On the show, he talked about 11 points/affirmations that he feels are essential to the game. I now share them with you. But, I highly recommend you listen to the podcast (linked above).
  1. You are ok right now. You are the Value.
  2. You are comfortable in a position of leadership
  3. You are comfortable with your sexuality
  4. You have vision, goals and passions outside of meeting women
  5. You bring positive energy to all interactions
  6. You are unattached to outcomes. You are in the Now. Just Slow Down.
  7. You are interested in others. You are curious.
  8. You are playful, fun, exciting, interesting, and magnetic.
  9. You are comfortable in social situations
  10. You have a deep knowingness that women want you.
  11. You have strict rules that you do and do not accept from others.